High Power Microwave Tubes

Kesari, Vishal

High Power Microwave Tubes :basics and trends / Vishal Kesari; - U K :Morgan & Claypool IOP Publishers. 2018 - xiv, 5-59p. xii, 6-1-10-7p. 24cm. - IOP concise physics. .

1. Introduction --
2. Microwave tubes : classification, applications and trends --
2.1. Classification --
2.2. Applications --
2.3. Trends in research and development 3. Basic enabling concepts --
3.1. Cathode --
3.2. Space-charge-limited and temperature-limited emission --
3.3. Space-charge waves and cyclotron waves --
3.4. Electron bunching mechanism --
3.5. Induced current due to electron beam flow --
3.6. Space-charge-limiting current --
3.7. Conservation of kinetic energy in M-type tubes 4. Formation, confinement and collection of an electron beam --
4.1. Electron gun --
4.2. Magnetic focusing structure --
4.3. Multistage depressed collector 5. Analytical aspects of beam-absent and beam-present slow-wave and fast-wave interaction structures --
5.1. Analysis of helical slow-wave interaction structures --
5.2. Analysis of fast-wave disc-loaded waveguide interaction structures --
5.3. Growing-wave interactions in slow-wave TWTs and fast-wave gyro-TWTs.

6. Qualitative description of conventional and familiar microwave tubes --
6.1. Travelling-wave tubes --
6.2. Klystrons --
6.3. Klystron variants --
6.4. Crossed-field tubes 7. Fast-wave tubes --
7.1. Cyclotron resonance maser (CRM) and Weibel instabilities --
7.2. Gyrotron --
7.3. Gyro-backward-wave oscillator --
7.4. Gyro-klystron --
7.5. Gyro-travelling-wave tube --
7.6. Cyclotron auto-resonance maser (CARM) --
7.7. Slow-wave cyclotron amplifier (SWCA) --
7.8. Hybrid gyro-tubes --
7.9. Peniotron 8. Vacuum microelectronic, plasma-filled and high power microwave (HPM) tubes --
8.1. Vacuum microelectronic (VME) MWTs --
8.2. Plasma-filled MWTs --
8.3. High power microwave (HPM) MWTs 9. Frequency and power ranges of common microwave tubes --
10. Epilogue.

Our aim in this book is to present a bird's-eye view of microwave tubes (MWTs) which continue to be important despite competitive incursions from solid-state devices (SSDs). We have presented a broad and introductory survey which we hope the readers would be encouraged to read rather than going through lengthier books, and subsequently explore the field of MWTs further in selected areas of relevance to their respective interests. We hope that the present book would motivate newcomers to pursue research in MWTs and apprise them as well as decision makers of the salient features and prospects of as well as the trends of progress in MWTs. The scope of ever expanding applications of MWTs in the high power and high frequency regime will sustain and intensify the research and development in MWTs in coming years

Volume 2 of the book begins with chapter 6, in which we have taken up conventional MWTs (such as TWTs, klystrons, including multi-cavity and multi-beam klystrons, klystron variants including reflex klystron, IOT, EIK, EIO and twystron, and crossed-field tubes, namely, magnetron, CFA and carcinotron). In chapter 7, we have taken up fast-wave tubes (such as gyrotron, gyro-BWO, gyro-klystron, gyro-TWT, CARM, SWCA, hybrid gyro-tubes and peniotron). In chapter 8, we discuss vacuum microelectronic tubes (such as klystrino module, THz gyrotron and clinotron BWO); plasma-assisted tubes (such as PWT, plasma-filled TWT, BWO, including PASOTRON, and gyrotron); and HPM (high power microwave) tubes (such as relativistic TWT, relativistic BWO, RELTRON (variant of relativistic klystron), relativistic magnetron, high power Cerenkov tubes including SWO, RDG or orotron, MWCG and MWDG, bremsstrahlung radiation type tube, namely, vircator, and M-type tube MILO). In Chapter 9, we provide handy information about the frequency and power ranges of common MWTs, although more such information is provided at relevant places in the rest of the book as and where necessary. Chapter 10 is an epilogue that sums up the authors' attempt to bring out the various aspects of the basics of and trends in high power MWTs.

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