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082 _a519.5 LAR
100 _aRichard J Larsen
_a; Morris L Marx
245 _aAn introduction to mathematical statistics and its applications
_c/Richard J Larsen
250 _aSixth edition
260 _aBoston
_b: Pearson
300 _ax, 742 pages
_c; 26 cm
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505 _a Probability -- Random variables -- Special distributions -- Estimation -- Hypothesis testing -- Inferences based on the normal distribution -- Types of data: a brief overview -- Two-sample inferences -- Goodness-of-fit tests -- Regression -- The analysis of variance -- Randomized block designs -- Nonparametric statistics -- Factorial data
520 _a Introduction to Mathematical Statistics and Its Applications , 6th Edition is a high-level calculus student’s first exposure to mathematical statistics. This book provides students who have already taken three or more semesters of calculus with the background to apply statistical principles. Meaty enough to guide a two-semester course, the book touches on both statistics and experimental design, which teaches students various ways to analyze data. It gives computational-minded students a necessary and realistic exposure to identifying data models.
650 _aMathematics
655 _a;Mathematical statistics
700 _aMorris L Marx
942 _cBOOK