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Dr. T.R.B. Sarma

Head Librarian

+91-120-3819100, Ext. 829


Head Librarian’s Message

Welcome to the SNU library’s web site! Through these web pages the library is accessible to you 24 hours every day. An interchange for cultural and intellectual ideas, the library is the physical and symbolic crossroads of campus. Here the past collides with the future daily. The library is an active research lab for scholars to both look back and look forward into new methods and new knowledge.

I also invite you to take advantage of the services available through our knowledgeable library professionals. You may contact librarians via e-mail, phone, or on site at either library’s help desk.

The library continues to distinguish itself as a leader in transforming, preserving, and making accessible unique materials. We also endeavor to translate the changing and diverse research needs of our campus into innovative and effective services and information experiences.

We want to help you meet your research and learning goals, and trust the resources and services we provide will prove helpful to you. Please feel free to contact a librarian or staff member if we can be of assistance.

Meet The Team

We help you strategize your research needs, and find the best information for your projects and assignments!

Dr. Shyam Chaurasia

Assistant Librarian

+91-120-3819100, Ext. 893

+91 8800245015

Rajendra Dhiman

Assistant Librarian

+91-120-3819100, Ext. 774

+91 8273301647

Akanksha Tripathi

Assistant Librarian

+91-120-3819100, Ext. 889


Dr. Amit Kumar Pal

Sr. Library Assistant

+91-120-3819100, Ext. 881


Parvindar Juneja

Library Assistant

+91-120-3819100, Ext. 893


Mukul Bhardwaj

Library Assistant

+91-120-3819100, Ext. 887


Krishna Kumar Patel

Library Assistant

+91-120-3819100, Ext. 305


Subhalaxmi Mahapatra

Digital Library Assistant

+91-120-3819100, Ext. #