A relational theory of world politics

Yaqing Qin

A relational theory of world politics /Yaqing Qin - New York, NY, USA : Cambridge University Press , 2018. - xxiv, 390 pages ; 23 cm

Part I. Culture and Social Theory. Social theory and the multicultural world --
Theoretical hard core --
Culture and theoretical innovation --
Individualistic rationality and mainstream IR theory --
Part II. Relation and Relationality. A world of relations --
Meta-relationship and the zhongyong dialectics --
The logic of relationality --
Part III. Power, Cooperation, and Governance. Power and relation --
Cooperation in a relational world --
Governance : rule, rules, and relations.

Drawing on Chinese cultural and philosophical traditions, this book offers a ground breaking reinterpretation of world politics from Yaqing Qin, one of China's leading scholars of international relations. Qin has pioneered the study of constructivism in China and developed a variant of this approach, arguing that culture defined in terms of background knowledge nurtures social theory and enables theoretical


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Social Sciences

;International relations.--;Wprld Politics

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