Sustainable consumption and the good life

Karen Lykke Syse ; Martin Lee Mueller

Sustainable consumption and the good life : interdisciplinary perspectives /Karen Lykke Syse - London : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, Earthscan , 2016 - xi,266 Pages ;24 cm. - Routledge environmental humanities. .

1. Enough Is Enough? Re-Imagining an Ethics and Aesthetics of Sustainability for the 21st Century Lawrence Buell 2. The Essayistic Spirit of Utopia Thorunn Gullaksen Endreson 3. Towards a Sustainable Flourishing: Democracy, Hedonism and the Politics of Prosperity Kate Soper 4. Is the Good Life Sustainable? A Three-Decade Study of Values, Happiness and Sustainability in Norway Ottar Hellevik 5. Well-Being and Environmental Responsibility Bengt Brulde 6. The Problem of Habits for a Sustainable Transformation Hal Wilhite 7. Well-Being in Sustainability Transitions: Making Use of Needs Felix Rauschmayer and Ines Omann 8. Human Needs and the Environment Reconciled: Participatory Action-Research for Sustainable Development in Peru Monica Guillen-Royo 9. On the Good Life and Rising Electricity Consumption in Rural Zanzibar Tanja Winther 10. Celebrity Chefs, Ethical Food Consumption, and the Good Life Karen Lykke Syse 11. Follow the Food. How Eating and Drinking Shape Our Cities Jesper Pagh 12. Caged Welfare. Evading the Good Life for Egg Laying Hens Kristian Bjorkdahl 13. Being Salmon, Being Human. Notes on an Ecological Turn in the Modern Narrative Tradition Martin Lee Mueller 14. Afterword: Beyond the Paradox of the Big, Bad Wolf Thomas Hylland Eriksen


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;Sustainable living.

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