Atmospheric chemistry and physics

Seinfeld, John H;

Atmospheric chemistry and physics : from air pollution to climate change / John H Seinfeld - New York : Wiley, ©1998. - xxvii, 1326 pages 24cm.

The atmosphere --
Atmospheric condition, global cycles, and lifetimes --
Atmospheric photochemistry and chemical kinetics --
Chemistry of the stratosphere --
Chemistry of the troposphere --
Chemistry of the atmospheric aqueous phase --
Properties of the atmospheric aerosol --
Dynamics of single aerosol particles --
Thermodynamics of aerosols --
Nucleation --
Mass transfer aspects of atmospheric chemistry --
Dynamics of aerosol populations --
Organic atmospheric aerosols --
Meteorology of air pollution --
Cloud physics --
Micrometeorology --
Atmospheric diffusion theories --
Analytical solutions for atmospheric diffusion : the Gaussian Plume Equation and others

This fully revised and expanded version of John H. Seinfeld's successful Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics of Air Pollution provides a rigorous, comprehensive treatment of the chemistry of the atmosphere. With new chapters on such important topics as cloud physics, nucleation, and wet deposition, this book offers a truly up-to-date examination of atmospheric chemistry today, including chemistry of the stratosphere and troposphere; formation, growth, dynamics, thermodynamics, and properties of aerosols; meteorology of air pollution; transport, diffusion, and removal of species in the atmosphere; formation and chemistry of clouds; interaction of atmospheric chemistry and climate; radiative and climatic effects of gasses and particles; and formulation of mathematical chemical/transport models of the atmosphere. The reference is an ideal resource for both students and professionals in all areas of engineering as well as atmospheric science


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Geology, hydrology, meteorology
Atmospheric chemistry
Química del medio ambiente.
Chimie de l'atmosphère.
Environmental chemistry.

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