Handbook of gas sensor materials

G S Korotchenkov

Handbook of gas sensor materials : properties, advantages and shortcomings for applications. Volume 1, Conventional approaches /G S Korotchenkov - New York : Springer , 2013. - xix, 442 pages ;25 cm. - Integrated analytical systems .

Introduction. --
Part I: Conventional Gas Sensing Materials. Metal Oxides --
Polymers --
Thin Metal Films --
Semiconductors in Gas Sensors --
Solid Electrolytes for Detecting Specific Gases --
Part II: Auxiliary Materials. Materials for Sensor Platforms and Packaging --
Materials for Thick Film Technology --
Electrodes and Heaters in MOX-Based Gas Sensors --
Surface Modifiers for Metal Oxides in Conductometric Gas Sensors --
Catalysts Used in Calorimetric (Combustion-Type) Gas Sensors --
Filters in Gas Sensors --
Part III: Materials for Specific Gas Sensors. Materials for Piezoelectric-Based Gas Sensors --
Materials for Optical, Fiber Optic, and Integrated Optical Sensors --
Materials for Electrochemical Gas Sensors with Liquid and Polymer Electrolytes --
Materials for Capacitance-Based Gas Sensors --
Sensing Layers in Work-Function-Type Gas Sensors --
Humidity-Sensitive Materials --
Materials for Field Ionization Gas Sensors --
Gas Sensors Based on Thin-Film Transistors.

The two volumes of Handbook of Gas Sensor Materials provide a detailed and comprehensive account of materials for gas sensors, including the properties and relative advantages of various materials. Since these sensors can be applied for the automation of myriad industrial processes, as well as for everyday monitoring of such activities as public safety, engine performance, medical therapeutics, and in many other situations, this handbook is of great value. Gas sensor designers will find a treasure trove of material in these two books.


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